I Drawed It! Glass Can with Olives

In order to foster life long love of learning new skills Coma News Daily will offer, from time to time, information and simple step-by-step instructions on how to create art or other complicated projects.

By Stan Bargemeyer, Local Historian and Coma News Intern

stan and his dog

This is Stan and his dog.

I drew a glass can with olives floating around in it and all I did was imagine what a glass can looks like and then drew that on paper.

Next, I imagined in my mind what olives look like and then imagined what olives would look like if they were floating around in a glass can and then I drew that too!

It was really easy.  You can do it it to if you can imagine it and you have a pencil and paper or a pen or marker of some sort or even paints or things like that.

Don’t limit yourself by your imagination!  You could draw anything.  See my drawing below.

glass of olives

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