Green Weddings Plan to Sprout

By Coma News Daily Staff

The newest wedding planning service in town hopes to make “going green” the easiest, funnest, and most sustainable choice around.

Three Green sisters launched their event planning business, Green with Envy, to coincide with the many green-themed events  for the coming season: St. Patrick’s Day!

There's nothing better than a wedding that combines the hottest trends: green, drinking and of course getting married!

There’s nothing better than a wedding that combines the hottest trends: green, drinking alcohol and of course getting married!

How can Coma residents add more green elements to their weddings and other big events without sacrificing style or elegance? Simple steps include brides adding a green leprechaun hat to their ensemble or carrying mugs of green beers as they process down the church aisle.

“Every part of a wedding has green-friendly options worth considering, and, there’s a shade of green for everyone,” said Debbie Green. “Whether you incorporate just one or two green elements, or go completely green from the silk of your dress to the food you serve, remember that every green choice makes a difference.”

Why go green in the first place?

Going green has environmental, social, and economic benefits.

The environmental benefits are primarily about beautifying your surroundings.

“Who doesn’t like the color green?” Erica Green said. “Unless you’re talking about gangrene, someone being green around the gills, green mold growing in your fridge, comic book violence, glowing green toxic sludge, venomous snakes, and probably some other stuff.”

The Greens feel pretty good about prospects for their new endevour, which followed failed landscaping, painting and bike repair businesses.

“If we just get a few of the 2.5 million U.S. weddings each year that spend an average of $30,000, we’ll be rolling in the green stuff,” said Mary Green.

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