Gator Petting Zoo Opens in Town

By Coma News Daily Staff

Children all over Coma are welcome to come and experience a day full of music and nature at the grand opening of the town’s first reptile petting zoo, A Home for Those Gators.

Started by residents of Coma’s assisted living facility for recently divorced men, A Home for Those Guys, the reptile park will introduce the reptiles to children interested in learning how they play and feed.

The petting zoo also is a working farm, from which Coma residents will be able to obtain all of the locally sourced belts and boots they could ever want.


Saturday’s opening event will allow local children to pet, feed and hold some of the majestic creatures, which can reach 14 feet in length and weigh up to 900 pounds.

The opening day festivities also will feature a mini jam session by Save the World, the classic rock cover band comprised of Coma Town Council members.

“What I hope the kids get that our music is a universal language and so is the love of alligators,”  said
Jax Owen, director of the gator park and lead guitar for Save the World. “Running through the gator fields is so much fun for kids of all ages.”

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Organizers underscored the health benefits of visitors wandering among glorious animals while also dodging and weaving snapping teeth and whipping tails.

“We’re all about cage-free animals here,” said Alan Pezzati, a Home resident and a volunteer gator wrangler. “This way, the animals are happy, visitors get a great workout running across the gator pasture, and the gatorburgers are extra tender.”

Find gators boring? You’ll also find a wide selection of poisonous snakes, lizards and snapping turtles.

Entrance to the petting zoo itself is free; however, there is a cost if visitors want to feed the animals.

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