Council Pounces on Badger Pipes

By Coma News Staff

The Coma Town Council hopes to snuff out the retro appeal of badger pipes to Coma’s children.
Use of the animals to smoke tobacco was invented in Coma in the 19th Century and recently returned among young adults bored of hookahs, bongs and e-cigs. Town leaders have raised concerns that the use of adorable badger pups and rainbow-colored badgers may encourage underage use of the tobacco paraphernalia.


The 'Just Say No to Badger' campaign will kick of at a rally sponsored by e-cigs in the next month.

The ‘Just Say No to Badger’ campaign will kick off at a rally sponsored by e-cigs¬†next month.

“Badger smoking is an obnoxious, rebellious habit and one we must ensure our children avoid–at all costs,” Councilwoman Natalie Peters said at this week’s Council meeting.
Peters suggested offering bounties to eradicate the animals from Coma. But Councilman Bob Smith-Smith warned that users would just use the Internet to order the smoking implements from Canada.
One more reason the Internet is dangerous, folks,” Smith-Smith said about the woodland smokers.
Some local teens said they were unaware of badger-smoking until they were asked about the Council’s safety concerns.

“Are badgers the ones with the stripe?” said Chase Donovan, a local teen and Coma News intern. “Sorry, dude. Not ringing any bells.”
Coma News has featured badger smoking in its history coverage.

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