Coma Weekly FREECYCLE Digest

Freecycling is when a person passes on, for free, an unwanted item to another person who needs that item. From silverware to mobile homes, people worldwide are choosing to freecycle rather than discard.

OFFER [Freecycle Coma]: My Husband- Near Coma HS

I have a husband to offer – please see photo below for an example of what my husband does not look like:


If this was my husband he wouldn't be duck taped to the Adirondack chair.

If this was my husband he wouldn’t be duct taped to the Adirondack chair.


Height – 6 ft

Width – ?? in– he’s large

Depth – None

For porch collection close to COMA HS. He is duct taped to an Adirondack chair. Email Dee Collins at for home address. You can pick him up any time I am not going to cut him free. Bring your own scissors. You can take the chair too.

OFFER [Freecycle Coma]: fish bowl and bottom rocks- Coma lake, back parking lot

be very quiet as you approach. I am not a stalker or anything. This is a real fish bowl and bottom rocks. I can’t take a photo but will show you when you get here. Get out of your car and walk behind the trees and the fish bowl will be RIGHT THERE. This is a great fishbowl. It’s free. Come alone. If you want this fish bowl it will be at the lake at 7. First come first serve.

OFFER [Freecycle Coma]: Some birth control pills– out of date- Near Coma Free Clinic

All of these pills say they are past their expiration date but I hate to throw them away. I got pregnant so I didn’t need them. I think they might be YAZ. Not sure. Expired last October but might still work. I have seven packages.

Sadie Cracker to schedule pick-up time


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