Coma Weekly FREECYCLE Digest

Freecycling is when a person passes on, for free, an unwanted item to another person who needs that item. From silverware to mobile homes, people worldwide are choosing to freecycle rather than discard.

[FreecycleComa] Taken: 24 foot coaxial cable

This cable was taken by a man named Dave. Dave has brown hair, is 6 ft tall and is married but childless. He will not use this cable to tie up anything or anyone. He will probably use it for his VCR so that he can spend the weekend watching ‘The Godfather’ over and over again but worry about those “pesky commercials”. There were other emails more interesting than Dave’s but they were talking about using the cable to tie up small animals or significant others which is not this cable’s intended purpose.

Thanks for the interest all. Freecycle forever.



[FreecycleComa] Taken: Cough drops


A man named John who has chronic COPD took all packages of cough drops. He was having trouble breathing as he made the trek to my house and said the cough drops helped him walk back down the hill. He is about 80 years old and walks with a cane. I was surprised that there weren’t more freecyclers emailing to take these cough drops as they are perfectly fine just expired.


[FreecycleComa] OFFER: slide rule

This slide rule appears to be from the late 1940s. I’m shocked no one has taken this yet. Someone must need a slide rule.

Read my blog for more information on this slide rule.

Please email me at townofcoma (at) if interested. This is an amazing slide rule.

Micah Horncraft

Want to contact the FreecycleComa moderators?  Write to us at townofcoma (at) .
Please always use:

– OFFER: old couch– did not sleep with my ex on it (Downtown/courthouse/ in a cell/ on top of a mountain)
– TAKEN: old couch strange stains [to be used to withdraw an OFFER for any reason; only to be posted by the member making the OFFER]

– WANTED: stapler or false teeth [Please use this one sparingly]
– RECEIVED: stapler [to be used to withdraw a WANTED for any reason; only to be posted by the member making the WANTED]

NEED, PPU, REOFFER, RE-OFFER, etc., are not acceptable keywords, and nothing other than the keyword should appear before the item description.

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