Coma Launches First Official Website- Non-Telegraph Version

first story

Above; a photo of the first story to appear on the new Coma website (non-telegraph form)

By Coma News Staff

On the heels of the recently announced ban on all paper products, the Coma Daily News has launched the town’s first public website on the computer.   This article you are now reading is the first news story published on the website.  Technically, it is the third story published on the new website.  The first story was very similar to this story only it was written in what is apparently an unacceptable telegraph-style.  The second story was a story about how apparently telegraph-style is unacceptable on computers.

As has been the tradition of the Coma Daily News for more than a century, we hope to continue to bring you all the news and information about our beloved town in a timely manner on the computer.

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