Coma DIV of Motor Vehicles Serving Up More than Long Lines

A photograph of assorted alcoholic beverages which may or may not be served at the Coma Department of Vehicles pictured below.

alcoholic drinks

By Robert McGuiness, Coma News Reporter, Not an Alcoholic


The Coma Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DIV) was set to close this Friday due to lack of funding as Coma is not considered an incorporated town within the State or the United States of America however Mayor Dave has found a solution to this issue– sponsorship.

“This is a great way for the community to sponsor a necessary entity within the town while not relying on State funding or even being recognized as an incorporated city.” said Mayor Dave. “People can come check out the DIV bar and get a license plate.”

Jax Owen, car dealer, relationship advice columnist and moonshine distributor agrees. “It’s about to get all kinds of rowdy up in here.”
The sponsorship will begin this Thursday. Alcohol will be served on the premise every day of the week except for Sunday when the DIV bar is closed. All DIV bar receipts and car license plates will be branded with the sponsors logo going forward “BigOwen Moonrise Moonshine”.

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