Baby Campaign Coming

By Thomas Steven John, Coma News Staff Writer

In an advertising tactic especially a mother and Etrade could love, used car salesman Jax Owen will use an army of babies in a new campaign for his dealership.
This reporter pre-visioned the campaign during a psychedelic viewing of “Muppet Babies: The Movie.”
“I don’t know how you found out, I’ve been so quiet about this,” Owen said. “Since it’s out in the open, do you have any idea what babies eat?”
A large number of professionally dressed babies will be on hand at the dealership this weekend to offer their opinions, adorableness and saliva.
The advertising campaign will become a hotbed of controversy due to Coma’s ban on anyone under the age of 13, as well as unanswered questions about the parents of the babies and their origins.
This is not the first time Jax has caused controversy in Coma.

Most notably, in 2002 his dogsled-based rickshaw business took off during squirrel season.

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