Advertorial: It’s A Wonderful Life II

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Buy My Screen Play It’s A Wonderful Life II: It’s An Even More Wonder-fuller Life

Buy My Amazing Screenplay:

“It’s A Wonderful Life II: It’s An Even More Wonderfuller Life”
I’m Dee Collins and when I’m not writing best-selling children’s ebooks, I’m pumping out an average of three to four screenplays every week and selling them through traditional classified advertising channels.
This week, and just in time for the holidays, I’m offering up a sequel to the smash hit movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
Titled “It’s A Wonderful Life II: It’s An Even More Wonderfuller Life”, this movie packs even more action and thrills than the original. And with Dwayne Johnson taking on the titular role of George Bailey, you can practically count on a $150 million opening weekend.
Below is the logline and a sample from this sure-fire hit. Because it’s the holidays, I’m offering this script for only $650,000. But hurry! At that price, it won’t be available for long.


George Bailey is a hard-drinking, pancake-loving lady’s man with something to prove. After being kidnapped by the Illuminati, Bailey (played by hunk Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) discovers their secret plan to destroy Christmas. Bailey must fight the entire secret society while coming to terms with an eating disorder and a troubled family life.

Snow falls gently over a wintry landscape. A warehouse sits quietly on a desolate street. The peaceful scene is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a CHAINSAW off-screen.
George Bailey, sixty-two, is tied up to a chair in the center of an abandoned warehouse. Bailey is ripped and looks really good! His face is covered in sweat. In front of him, a MASKED MAN waving a CHAINSAW paces back and forth. Another man, DOCTOR RICHARD NEWELL-MONCRIEF, stands a few feet away. He is dressed in a SURGEON’S UNIFORM.

Tell us where the sacred Christmas wreath is Mr. Bailey or I’ll have my hired assassin cut off your face with a chainsaw.

The Sacred Christmas Wreath? Whoever controls that controls Christmas! I will never tell you.

Well then, George Bailey, looks like it’s time for you to “face” the music.

The popular Christmas song “Silver Bells” begins to play. The MASKED MAN with the chainsaw approaches George Bailey. Suddenly, George Bailey rips loose from his restraints and kicks the masked man in the groin. He takes the chainsaw from his hands and cuts off his head.

Looks like I’m finally making some “head”-way
George Bailey turns and faces Dr. Richard Newell-Moncrief.
Well, Dr. Richard Newell-Moncrief, looks like your plan to destroy Christmas has been foiled.


I guess so. I’m really surprised how quickly you busted out of your restraints. What are you going to do now?

I’m going to chainsaw your body in half and then I’m going to eat some pancakes.

Oh no!
That’s all you get for now! Like what you see? Hit me up and let’s do business. I am looking for a million dollars cash up front for the whole story and will accept actual cash OR a money order. By the way, the phrase “I’m going to eat some pancakes” is sort of a catch-phrase that will be used throughout the film and would look good on a T-shirt or coffee mug.

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